Edge recording refers to the process of storing video from IP surveillance cameras on SD cards, instead of the usual centralized video management systems. This concept has gained traction in the last few years, as a result of the improved SD card storage capacity, as well as significant reduction in cost.

Edge Recording - Primary or Backup Storage

The choice of edge recording in business IP surveillance systems, as either primary or backup storage, is largely determined by what one intends to achieve and the particular applicationEdge Recording being deployed.  

Generally, on-board storage is an ideal option for small-to-medium business (SMBs) surveillance applications such as those deployed in convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, banks, and small offices. These businesses prefer to stick with their analog camera systems, citing the high cost of implementing IP surveillance systems.

Edge recording is the best solution for SMBs that wish to make the analog-IP shift. The surveillance applications for these businesses are usually not demanding, thus ensuring that the capability of SD cards is not overtaxed. In addition, the small number of security cameras, usually located on a single site and not exceeding 16, makes it cheaper to implement on-board storage, as opposed to centralized video management solutions.

What the Future Holds for Recording on the Edge

For many years, IP security camera manufacturers have been experimenting with on-board storage. At best, recording on edge was offered to support surveillance installations in remote areas, or as an add-on feature to provide redundancy in highly sensitive security applications. Currently, edge recording is popularly used as backup or secondary storage for small-to-medium business IP surveillance systems.

The limited storage capacity of SD cards makes on-board storage practical for smaller installations, usually not exceeding 16 cameras. However, technological advancement in the last few years has seen a sharp increase in SD card storage capacity, coupled with drop in prices.  If this is anything to go by, SD cards have a bright future, and might result in a shift similar to that of analog-to-IP. It is possible that on-board storage might become a preferred primary storage option for many IP surveillance applications.


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Home and business owners invest in Video Surveillance Systems to help them monitor the activities within their homes or business premises. With the modern IP camera systems, users are able to remotely access their security footage at any time, thus, guaranteeing them that everything is alright even in their absence. However, many users wonder whether it is necessary to have their cameras ON, at all times, and the likely implications of doing so.

What are the options?Will My IP Cameras Always Stay On - Nassau County Consultations

Whereas it is possible to have your IP Cameras "always ON", the constant recording of video may present various challenges, including the effects on storage capacity, and video retrieval and transfer. As such, security camera systems offer three main options, namely, continuous, manual, and event-led recording.

1.    Continuous recording or "Always ON"

You may choose to have your security cameras ON and recording at all times. Continuous recording is useful for busy facilities with lots of traffic. However, you have to ensure that you have sufficient video storage capacity to hold the large volumes of footage. In addition, your video storage equipment should be capable of retrieving and transferring the large video files.

2.    Manual and Event-led Recording

Home and small business owners whose surveillance needs are not very demanding prefer to only record when it is necessary. It doesn't make much sense to keep recording when there is no activity. Therefore, the users may decide to either, activate video recording manually or have the security camera system record automatically, when motion is detected. The benefits of having your IP Cameras record only when there is activity include:

"¢    Less video storage capacity required: Since the security camera system only records when there is activity, it reduces the amount of disk space required to store the video.
"¢    Avoid unnecessary video recordings 
"¢    Video can be stored for longer periods:  Since the video is usually stored for a specified period of time or when the disk space runs out, before it is archived, deleted, or overwritten, setting your IP camera system to manual or activity-led recording ensures that the disks take longer to fill up; hence, more extended storage.


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Business surveillance cameras are a modern weapon for fighting crime and at the same, an essential tool for ensuring the safety of employees and visitors to your facility. The surveillance solutions are quite flexible and can be deployed in a wide range of industries including banks, universities, schools, shopping malls, as well as private and government facilities. Improvements in video surveillance technology in the past few years has seen a significant reduction in prices, and made security camera systems more user-friendly. This has encouraged more consumers, especially small business that could not afford it, to adopt these solutions.

Choosing the right business surveillance camerasNassau County Business Surveillance Camera Installation

What do you intend to achieve by installing business surveillance cameras within your facility? This is the question that you need to ask, as it will enable you to select the right video surveillance system for the job. In choosing a security camera system, you must ensure that you get the right features and functionality to enable you to achieve your purpose. Some of the common features that you need to consider include:

-Remote Accessibility: IP surveillance camera systems offer you the ability to access your security cameras and footage remotely. This feature enables you to take your business security system wherever you go. Since you can login to your cameras at any time or place, you will have total peace of mind knowing that your business is safe. You don’t have to worry what your employees are doing when you leave the business premises or go away on vacation. Besides, any time you receive a security alert, you can easily login to check if your facility is under attack or in any danger that warrants a response from law enforcement.

-Facial Recognition / Vehicle Number Plate Recognition: The aim of most surveillance applications is to simply monitor whole crowds, or the movement of individuals as well as commodities or goods. However, professional-grade business surveillance cameras offer the facial recognition and vehicle number plate recognition features, which allow you to get a clear view of individual's faces and capture the registration plates off vehicles, respectively. This feature comes in handy if you need to monitor the secure areas within your facility – it enables you to see who is accessing these areas. In addition, facial recognition makes it easy to investigate crimes.

-Digital/Optical Zoom: The zoom feature enables you to increase/decrease the focal length of your security cameras lens in order to have a closer look at subjects that are far away. In this regard, you have a choice between cameras with fixed lenses or those with variable lenses. Cameras with variable lenses offer optical zoom, whereby the lenses can be automatically adjusted in order to get a clearer view.


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