Security surveillance cameras are essential tools within the business environment. However, some consumers question the rationale behind spending their money on the cameras, noting that they cost a little bit more than most the conventional Business Security Systems. Even though cost is an important consideration, it should not be used as the determining factor when purchasing a security camera system. Besides, it is not possible to put a price tag on the level of protection that one can achieve by installing cameras, and the peace of mind of knowing that his/her business is totally secure from both internal and external security threats.

How businesses benefit from security surveillance camerasAre Business Security Surveillance Cameras Expensive

Total Business Protection: Businesses face a myriad of security challenges both from within and from outside. On one hand, they have to deal with criminals such as burglars, arsonists, vandals, and robbers that are aiming to steal or damage the businesses’ property. On the other hand, they have to contend with internal threats from dishonest and disgruntled employees who may wish to sabotage or steal from the business. With a surveillance camera system in place, businesses can monitor and record any such activities for appropriate action to be taken. As a result, they can discourage and deter such criminal acts. 

Prevent losses: Security cameras are very effective in fighting crime, especially the crimes targeting business merchandise, supplies and valuables. Businesses can proactively prevent loss of valuables through burglary, employee theft, shoplifting, fraud and other such incidences.

Feel Secure: Installing IP surveillance cameras enables both employees and visitors in the workplace to feel more secure. The cameras can be used to monitor all the activity within the facility and enable security personnel to take quick action in the event that suspicious characters or activity are detected. Businesses can use the cameras to deter incidences of violence, which would endanger the safety and lives of everyone working or visiting the facility.

Protect Workers: Employees face various challenges in the workplace including bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and various other forms of violence.  Installing security surveillance cameras enables business to actively monitor and prevent such acts from happening.


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Burglary is by far the most common threat to home security. Many homeowners imagine that burglaries are just random acts. However, they are wrong because a burglar carefully chooses his target. As such, you need an effective home security plan to keep your home from becoming a target.

The Best Home Security TipsFind Home Security Tips

Fortify All Entrances

Burglars are not likely to target your home if they find it hard to break into. Such criminals want to get in and out quickly, without being detected. For this reason, you should reinforce all your doors, windows, and other entrances to your home. Install solid doors with heavy-duty, deadbolt locks - use high quality Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks that are resistant to lock-picking prying, or twisting attempts.  The average burglar will not bother with your home because it will require too much effort or skill.

Practice Good Neighborliness

Good neighbors look out for each other. Therefore, make an effort to know your neighbors and build trust. When neighbors work together, it becomes very easy to spot suspicious activity within the neighborhood. In addition, neighbors can keep normal services to your home going, even in your absence. These include collecting your mail, bills and newspaper from the mail box, mowing your lawn, and inspecting the inside and outside of your house for signs of tampering.


Interior lighting is one of the signs that burglars look for to determine if you are home. Exterior lighting on the other hand, enables you to have a clear visual of the areas surrounding your home and thus, identify any suspicious person or threat lurking nearby. As such, you should install light timers to randomly switch the lights on and off in order to give the impression of an occupied home at all times.

Install a Home Security System

A home security system is essential in any security plan. It can consist of various components including an alarm system and surveillance cameras. If used properly, these security devices can be very effective in deterring burglaries and other crimes because they increase the fear or potential of being caught.

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Every homeowner understands the importance of having a home security system. However, choosing the best systems for their homes can prove difficult owing to the variety of security devices that are available in the market. The security of your home can only be guaranteed if you purchase security systems components that can help you address your specific needs.

home security

How to choose the ideal Home Security Systems

1.    Conduct Security Audit

The purpose of deploying a home security system is to enable you to protect your home, property and valuables, and keep your family safe. For this reason, you should start by evaluating the common security threats in your area to determine what it is you would like your security system to guard against. Some of the risk factors that you should seek to identify include burglary, vandalism, home invasions, and other types of violent crime. Find out the common threats in your area that are likely to affect you or your home.

2.    Find the best deals on Home Security Systems

After identifying the kind of threats and subsequently, the type of Home Security Systems that you need, the next step is to ask for quotes from the different home security companies. Obtaining several quotes enables you to compare the different product offerings and prices from these companies, and choose the one that caters to your needs and budget. 

3.    Find the best home security company

Your home security system can only guarantee you the best performance if it is installed and maintained by a professional and qualified security company. Below are some of the factors to consider in choosing a security company:

  • Competence – The company should be able to demonstrate their ability to design, install, and offer support and maintenance for their Home Security Systems.
  • Duly Licensed – A current, valid state license is necessary to show that a security company is allowed to operate in your area.
  • Reliability – An ideal home security company should be reliable when it comes to deploying security systems and fulfilling all their contractual obligations. 
  • Customer Support – The best home security installer should be able to offer world-class customer support. 
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