Home and business owners have a wide variety of security camera companies to select from. Each of these providers offers different products and services, and brands from different equipment manufacturers. The big question, therefore, is how one can select the best security camera installer. Below are some tips from industry experts to help you make the right decision.

Tips for choosing the best security camera installer

1.    Hidden fees Who Is The Best Security Camera Installer Nassau County

A common trick that unscrupulous security installers use to attract customers is to advertise low upfront fees for their products, but include a range of hidden fees such as activation fees. Other companies advertise incomplete packages or offer free basic equipment to make it look like they are the cheaper option. However, they leave out important components such as motion sensors and door contacts, without which the systems cannot operate fully. The additional cost that is required to complete the system usually ends up being exorbitant.

2.    Flexible Contracts

A typical security system contract lasts for a period of between three and five years. Most companies offer fixed terms, with regard to the period specified in the contract. Any cancellations would result in early-termination fees. However, there are those security installation companies that offer flexible contracts.

3.    Expertise

The best security camera installers employ the best brains in the industry to ensure that all projects are completed without a hitch – or need to subcontract. An ideal installation company will hire qualified professionals from different specialty areas to enable them handle all aspects pertaining to the design, installation, integration, support, and maintenance of wide ranging residential and commercial security applications, and data networks. 

4.    Reputation

Cutthroat competition between security camera installers in the market has resulted in some of these companies engaging in unethical business practices to boost their profitability. One such practice is getting fast-talking salespeople to get consumers to buy low-price security systems, knowing very well that such systems do not fit the intended purpose. For this reason, consumers must ensure that they only engage reputable installers. One way of telling a security installer’s reputation is through checking with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is where consumers file their complaints regarding poor quality service from service providers. The best security camera installer should have an “A” rating from the BBB, a sign of their commitment to uphold business ethics.

5.    Superior Customer Experience

The best security camera installation companies offer world-class customer support and service. For these companies, knowing customers by account numbers is not enough – they have to know each and every customer by name!

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A home video surveillance systemis one of the best tools for securing your home.  It enables you to keep a close eye on the vulnerable areas in your home, as well as the perimeter. For optimal performance, you must ensure that you choose security camera systems that are designed with your individual needs in mind.

What to consider when selecting a home surveillance camera installationSuffolk County Home Surveillance Camera Installation

1.    Wireless vs. wired home surveillance camera installation

Most security camera installations rely on wired infrastructure to transmit video signals from the cameras to the video recording system. However, users have the option of including Wireless Cameras in their surveillance solutions. Wireless security cameras enable homeowners to deploy more flexible surveillance applications. The Wireless Cameras can be used to extend an existing surveillance application, especially in the hard-to-reach locations where running wires might prove challenging.

2.    Video Storage System

A home surveillance camera installation comprises of three main parts: CCTV cameras, video recorder, and network infrastructure. In choosing an ideal video recording system, users have to consider the following aspects:

  • Type of video recording system: Captured video images are usually sent from the security cameras to the video recorder for storage. Traditional CCTV Systems used VCR-like recorders to store video. With time, these bulky recorders were replaced with digital video recorders (DVRs). However, an encoder had to be added between the cameras and DVR to convert the analog video signal into digital video format before storage. The modern IP surveillance systems, on the other hand, capture digital video and send it to a network video recorder (NVR) as a digital stream. Since the video is already in digital format, conversion is unnecessary. The video can be stored on a wide range of network storage devices including NAS and HDD.
  • HDD capacity: A home surveillance camera installation cannot store the captured security footage indefinitely. Usually, the user has to specify the length of time for which the recorded video should be stored; after which, it is deleted, archived or overwritten. Factors such as the frame rate and resolution affect the amount of video data that can be stored - and in effect, the required HDD storage capacity for a particular CCTV solution. 
  • Edge storage vs. centralized storage: Apart from the commonly used network storage system whereby the security cameras send captured video to a central video server, users have the option of Edge recording. In other words, users can choose to have their cameras record on to onboard media such as SD cards. Ideally, recording at the Edge should be used to complement centralized video recording.

I-Tech Security offers the best home surveillance camera installation, maintenance and support services in NYC and Long Island. Talk to us today on 516-609-5141!


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Security camera systems are a smart investment for any home or business wishing to protect their assets. However, users must ensure that they purchase a video surveillance system that can perform to their expectations. It is imperative that one selects the right cameras. In addition, the system must be installed by a professional security camera company.

How to choose the right security camerasNew York Security Camera Systems – Long Island Installations

The choice of surveillance cameras is usually guided by what a user wants to be captured. As such, one should consider three things when searching for cameras, namely:

  • Scene – Would they rather capture a “scene” of all the happenings within their facility?
  • Event – Would they rather capture an “event” and have a clear view of the happenings?
  • Individuals – Would they rather get a closer look to determine the “individual” involved in an incidence

Answering these three questions will enable a user to understand the type of surveillance cameras that they need to purchase.

The types of security cameras

1.    Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras

These cameras are very versatile owing to an electronic adjustment mechanism that allows users to control their movement. The cameras can move either, left and right (pan), or up and down (tilt), or zoom in or out. In addition, these security cameras can rotate 360 degrees in order to view objects directly below them.

2.    Box cameras

These cameras are box-shaped to allow for larger focal lengths. As such, they are ideal for long range viewing. For indoor installations, one requires a mount bracket only. On the other hand, outdoor installations require a housing to protect the camera from the elements.

3.    Dome Cameras

Domes, as the name suggests are half spherical-shaped. They are ideal for discreet applications since it is difficult to tell the direction the camera is facing. In addition, the glass dome covers the camera and prevents vandals from tampering with it.

4.    Bullet Cameras

These are similar to the box cameras, but their bullet-like shape makes them more stylish. These cameras are ideal for both indoor and outdoor security surveillance applications.

For expert advice on the ideal security camera systems for your home or business, contact I-Tech Security!


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