For many decades, security system manufacturers have relied on the same fundamental principles and technology in making their systems i.e. wired networks and fixed telephone lines. However, advancements in technology have seen the introduction of commercial Wireless Security Systems, otherwise known as the “free” systems.

The Benefits of Wireless over Wired SystemsFind Commercial Wireless Security Systems – Tri State Installations

1.    Saves time and money

Setting up a wired network is both time-consuming and expensive. Wireless Security Systems on the other hand, are very quick to install and configure. Even though the individual wireless equipment and devices may sometimes cost a bit more than the conventional devices, not having to lay a network of wires provides sufficient cost savings to compensate for this.

2.     Avoid the mess

Running wires around the facility is quite messy. It involves drilling holes in the walls, installing cable brackets, panels and other accessories. With wireless networks, the drilling is unnecessary.

3.    Take your system with you whenever you move

One of the greatest disadvantages with wired security systems is that they are permanent. If one has to move from their current business premises, it would be difficult to remove the system or would require an additional outlay of cash to do so. The same cannot be said of commercial Wireless Security Systems. These systems are very easy to install and remove. Hence, they can be moved from one facility to the next.

4.    More Secure

The Achilles heel of the wired security systems is their reliance on telephone landlines. Burglars could easily disable the system by cutting the wires. This cuts off the connection to the emergency response center, giving the criminals ample time to break in. Wireless Security Systems on the other hand, don't have any wires to cut. They come equipped with independent GSM communicators, which eliminate the need for a fixed line connection to the central monitoring station.

5.    Secure hard to reach locations

There are various locations within the business premises that might be impossible and even dangerous to run wires through. In such circumstances, wireless systems provide the solution.

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Home invasions are usually very traumatizing since they occur in the presence of the homeowner. Most of the reported incidences paint a gloomy picture owing to the level of violence meted out on innocent victims.

How to keep out intruders from your homeHow To Protect Against Home Invasion – Suffolk County Consultations

1. Basic Precautions

You don't need to spend a fortune in preventing home invasion. Sometimes, observing simple precautions can help you secure your home. These include:

  • Peepholes: Always check through the peephole to confirm the identity of visitors before opening the door. If there is a knock on your door but you either can’t see anyone through the peephole or recognize the visitor, don’t open it.  
  • Reinforcement: Fortifying all doors, windows and other entry points to your home makes it difficult for an attacker to force their way in. You should also reinforce the door frames, hinges and door jambs.
  • Locks: Unlike burglars who would rather wait for you to leave, home invaders usually attack when you are at home. For this reason, you should ensure that you lock all doors and windows when you are at home. 
  • Lighting: Poor lighting encourages criminals to lurk about waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Improving the lighting in and around your home will scare away such criminals since the likelihood of being detected is high.

2. Home security System

Installing a security system is a good way to deter criminals from attacking your home. An alarm system protects your home from intruders and alerts you any time an intrusion is detected. Always activate your alarm when at home. Video Surveillance Systems on the other hand, help in scaring away would be attackers for fear of being identified. The security footage also provides crucial leads and evidence that can be used for tracking, investigating and convicting criminals.

Sometimes, it might not even be necessary to install an operational security system. You can dupe criminals by prominently displaying home surveillance or alarm system decals. Dummy alarms or dud security cameras located conspicuously will give the impression that your home has a working security system in place.

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Preventing a home invasion might seem like an impossible task to many homeowners. In any case, a determined criminal will always look for a way to break in, regardless of how much security you have. However, some common sense and simple precautions can help you to protect your home and family.

What are the top tips for protecting my home?Guarding Against Home Invasion – NYC Consultations

Locks: Criminals are likely to target your home if they ascertain that they can gain access without much difficulty. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that all your locks are secure. A qualified locksmith can advise you on the best locks to install, as well as the most appropriate way to lock up. On the other hand, you should fortify all the doors, windows, and other entry points to your home to prevent an attacker from simply kicking in the door.

Self Defense: An invader can gain control over your home in a matter of seconds, especially if you don’t resist. Arming yourself with a non-lethal weapon such as a baseball bat, pepper spray, or Taser can help you to incapacitate an attacker. The weapon should be placed close to your bed, the front door or any other strategic location where you can easily reach it. On the other hand, self-defense classes can teach you how to debilitate an attacker and give you time to escape.

Money and Valuables: Avoid keeping large sums of money and expensive jewelry at home. Most criminals will target your home because they have been tipped off about these valuables.

Home Security System: An alarm system can help you to detect and deter criminals from attacking your home. Modern alarms have various sensors including motion, contact and vibration, which are installed on the doors and windows to alert you of any intrusions. In addition, home alarms come with a monitoring option, whereby, an alarm can be wired directly to an emergency response center. Any time there is a security breach, an alert is sent out to the monitoring center. As a precaution, ensure that you activate your alarm at all times, even when you are at home.


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