Protecting your home or business is a round-the-clock affair. As such, having an alarm system as well as IP security camera system gives you peace of mind, knowing that you and your property are secure at all times.  Most IP Cameras are designed to work during the day and in environments that are properly lit.  On the other hand, some security cameras come with night vision capability, which enable them to capture images in the dark.    

Night Vision vs. IR CamerasWill My IP Cameras See In The Dark

There are two major types of security cameras that can capture images in the dark, namely, Infrared Cameras and Night Vision Cameras. IR cameras are fitted with LED illuminators surrounding the lens. When low lighting is detected, these IR illuminators light up to provide extra lighting to enable the cameras to operate. As such, IR cameras work perfectly in all lighting environments. Night Vision Cameras on the other hand, are more advanced and do not require any form of external lighting.

How Night Vision IP Cameras Work

1.    Image Enhancement

Image enhancement works by collecting and amplifying tiny amounts of light from the environment. Security cameras that use this night vision technology are fitted with an objective lens, which enables the camera to focus light particles on to a photocathode (negatively charged electrode). This process causes the light particles to accelerate and multiply to form a cloud. When this cloud of light electrons hits a phosphor screen, it glows, producing sufficient lighting to allow the camera to see in the dark.

Image enhancement works very well in both constant and low lighting conditions. As such, these IP Cameras can work during the day or at night without damaging the imaging detector. In addition, Night Vision Cameras using this technology can achieve a higher number of frames per second.
2.    Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras are fitted with a special lens which captures the infrared light being reflected from objects in the environment. The lens then focuses the IR light onto an element to produce a thermogram. The camera processes the thermogram to create video images.

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Finding the best commercial security products doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Below is are some tips to help users find what they are searching for.

1. Features and FunctionalityFind The Best Commercial Security Products – Nassau County Installations

Ideal Business Security Systems should offer state-of-the-art features and functionality to enable users secure their property, valuables and safety of their workers. These include:

  • Security Cameras – Video Surveillance Systems should come with features such as high resolution, wide angle viewing, long distance viewing, night vision, and remote viewing capability.
  • Commercial Alarms – Alarm systems are no longer considered a product. The introduction of remote monitoring converted the alarms into a service, whereby the alarms are connected to remote emergency response centers. In addition, users should look out for extra features such as remote activation/deactivation, as well as the ability to detect a variety of threats other than the usual intrusions and burglary. These include flooding, dangerous carbon monoxide levels, smoke and fire.
2. Budget

Many consumers associate expensive with high quality. However, the best commercial security products don’t necessarily have to be expensive. The focus should be to find a product that will cater to the user’s security needs. Besides, no matter how amazing a product might be, it is totally useless if consumers cannot afford it. Therefore, users should take time to research on the various security products available and compare quotes from different providers.

3. Commercial Security Company

The performance of commercial security products is only as good as the company that installs and supports them. A security system needs to be installed properly for it to operate as expected. For this reason, users should ensure they select a competent business security company to deploy their security systems. The provider should be:
  • Duly licensed – A current valid State license is necessary to prove that the company is operating legally
  • Insured – Insurance provides protection for both the security company and its clients against a range of business risks such as accidental injury and property damage.
  • Reputable – A quick check with the Better Business Bureau should help users determine the reputation of a security company, with regard to their rating and number of customer complaints filed.
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When searching for a security camera company, many home and business owners do not consider insurance as an important factor. However, you must only hire contractors that are insured. An insurance cover provides protection for both you (client) and the contractor, in the event of accidents leading to injury or damage to your property. In addition, any failure on the part of the contractor to supply deliverables as agreed in the contract entitles you to seek compensation.

Why choose a contractor that has insurance Should My Security Camera Company Have Insurance

Contracts carry a wide variety of obligations and legal responsibilities, which usually expose security camera companies to huge financial risk. Under certain circumstances, you may find it necessary to file claims for compensation against your service provider. Some of these claims can be very expensive. Hiring a company that has purchased insurance ensures that you are compensated in such an event.

Which type of business Insurance is required?

1. Professional indemnity insurance

This insurance cover protects the company against claims arising from negligence and failure to deliver on promises. For instance, if you are not satisfied with the deliverables, in terms of quality of products and workmanship from your security camera company, you can file for compensation. Usually, this insurance cover caters for the cost of litigation and damages awarded against the company.

2. Business liability insurance

  • Public Liability Insurance
This insurance cover protects the company against compensation claims from visitors and customers, arising from property damage or accidental injury. For instance, during your visit to the security camera company’s business premises, you might slip and fall, injuring yourself in the process. On the other hand, employees sent by the company to install your surveillance system might accidentally spill water on your computer or equipment. In both cases, you are entitled to claim compensation. Public liability insurance caters for such claims.
  • Employer Liability Insurance

This insurance cover provides protection against compensation claims from the company's employees, which may arise as a result of accidental injury or illness while in the line of duty. Just like all other employers, security camera companies have to take responsibility over the health and safety of their workers.


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