An increase in incidences of crime has prompted many business owners to seek for lasting solutions that can enable them to protect their property and valuables, and have some peace of mind. Fortunately, there are many such solutions available including business alarms, as well as access control and security camera systems. Many businesses, especially the small enterprises, find some of these Business Security Systems to be a bit costly. However, the benefits of having the right security system in place make it a worthwhile investment for any business. Below is a look at some of the factors that can be used to determine the cost of security systems.

What to consider when purchasing a security systemCost Of Business Security Systems – NYC And L.I. Installations

1.    Wireless or Wired

Traditional security systems required wired network infrastructure to operate. The wires interconnect the various devices and connects the equipment to the power supply. However, the past few decades have seen major strides in technological advancement, enabling the introduction of more advanced security systems that can operate on either wired or wireless infrastructure, or both. Wired systems are considered more stable, reliable, and to some extent, cheaper to maintain. On the other hand, the Wireless Security Systems offer unmatched capability and flexibility, especially in mobile security applications and complex network designs that involve installations in hard to reach places within the business facility.

2.    Type of security devices

Business security systems comprise of a wide variety of devices and equipment, which enable them to detect various security threats. For instance:

  • Business alarm systems are made up of the alarm panel, and a variety of sensors such as smoke and fire detectors, motion sensors, vibration sensors and door contacts.
  • Surveillance camera systems comprise of the security cameras, video recording system, and many other components. The cameras also come in a variety of designs, styles and formations including domes, bullet, box, PTZ, and IR cameras.

Overall, businesses must ensure that they only spend money on what is necessary to satisfy their security needs. A security audit is essential in determining the kinds of risks that they need to guard against, and the ideal Business Security Systems to choose.


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Video Surveillance Systems use two main concepts for video storage, namely, central video recording systems and Edge recording systems. These two concepts complement each other, with Edge storage being used as a backup to the central storage server systems. Below is a look at some of the scenarios where Edge recording comes in handy.

1.    Camera connection is downNYC Edge Recording Systems – Installations In All Boroughs

There are various instances where the network connection to one or more security cameras is lost. This is usually caused by faults on the network infrastructure, which connects the cameras to the video recording server. When this happens, the cameras are unable to send the recorded video to the central server for storage. With edge recording,  the video can be stored onboard the cameras that have lost connection, and the data retrieved once the connection has been re-established. 

2.    Recording server malfunction

Edge recording offers an ideal and low-cost backup solution when a system or hardware malfunction knocks out the central recording server. The video is stored onboard and retrieved automatically once the fault is fixed and the central server is online.

3.    System maintenance

Routine maintenance requires users to turn off their video recording equipment for a period of time. During this downtime, the security cameras have nowhere to send the recorded video. Under such circumstances, a failover server can be used for video storage. However, setting up parallel servers is quite expensive, making Edge recording systems a favorable alternative.  The video is temporarily stored onboard the cameras, for the entire length that the recording servers are turned off. Once system maintenance is complete and the servers turned back on, the system will retrieve all recordings from the individual cameras.

4.    Mobile surveillance applications

Video surveillance applications that involve mounting the security cameras on moving vehicles can prove difficult to design and implement. Usually, the nature of such applications cannot allow for a direct network link to a centralized video storage system. Therefore, the video has to be recorded onboard the cameras until such a time that the vehicles return to base to allow for the video to be transferred to the central server storage.


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Choosing a security camera company to deploy your home or business video surveillance system is an important decision since the overall performance of the system will rely heavily on the company's competence and quality of workmanship. For this reason, you have to ensure that the provider you select is not only the best in the market, but should be trustworthy as well.

Tips for finding a trusted security camera companyHow Do I Find A Trusted Security Camera Company – Suffolk County NY Installations

1.    Look for a security camera provider with reputable references

References are a great way to ascertain a company’s experience and suitability for your video surveillance project. From the list of references, you can easily tell a security provider’s specialty areas, with regard to the kind of surveillance applications that they can deploy. In addition, you can contact each of the references provided to find out more concerning the company and their services.

2.    Search the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB provides consumers with a platform where they can file their complaints against businesses or service providers that do not meet their end of the bargain. Some of the common types of complaints include poor service, faulty products, unfulfilled promises, unfair contractual terms and other unethical business practices. Service providers are usually given a chance to respond to any allegations made against them, with a view of either resolving the issues or proving that the allegations are simply baseless. Overall, a trusted security camera company should have an “A” rating to prove its commitment to offering the best services to customers.

3.    How does the company treat its customers?

Customer service is an important consideration when choosing a security provider owing to the sensitivity of security matters. In this regard, you don’t want to choose security provider that cannot reliably identify their customers. Most companies would rather identify their customers using numbers or designations. However, a trusted security camera company focuses on knowing all its customers by name. As such, they are able to establish a relationship, as partners, and ensure that their customers’ needs are met more easily.

If you are searching for a reliable and trustworthy security partner, contact I-Tech Security today!


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