First-time buyers are usually disadvantaged when shopping for a security camera system. On one hand, the wide variety of CCTV cameras and equipment in the market is likely to overwhelm them. On the other hand, there are numerous security camera companies in the market, each of them offering almost similar products and services, but different prices. As such, consumers need an impartial source of information such as security surveillance system reviews to guide them.

How Beneficial Are These Reviews?Security Surveillance Systems Reviews Nassau County

Surveillance system reviews are written by either individual consumers or experts in the home and business security industry. The aim of individual reviewers is to share their experiences on the security camera systems that they purchased, as well as the quality of service that they received from their service providers. On the other hand, various experts take time to test and compare the variety of products and services being offered in order to assist consumers in making wise purchase decisions.

1. The Best IP Security Cameras

CCTV cameras come in a wide range of brands, designs, styles and prices. The reviews offer a rich source of information on most of these security cameras and equipment including:

  • The different types e.g. dome, bullet, box, IR, and PTZ cameras and the ideal surveillance applications for each of them.
  • Additional functionality that could prove useful for certain applications. These include remote viewing, Edge recording, Facial and Vehicle Number Plate recognition, Night Vision etc.

2. The Best Security Camera Company

The performance of your surveillance system depends on two main factors, namely, the quality of security cameras and equipment, and the competency of the security camera company that installs the system. As such, finding a qualified provider is an important step that requires careful research. Some of the considerations that you will need to look at include the firms’ licenses, insurance, location, reputation, competency and many others. However, surveillance system reviews help you to narrow down on your choice of providers. Some of the reviewers take time to compare and evaluate the pros and cons of each of the firms and even recommend the one that offers the best value to customers.


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A state-of-the-art security camera system is of no use if it isn’t installed properly - the performance will squarely depend on how well your installer designs and implements the surveillance application. As such, finding trustworthy IP camera installers is an important step in ensuring that your home or business is adequately protected.

How to find the best IP camera installers Trustworthy IP Camera Installers NYC – Installations In All Boroughs

Referrals: Talk to a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member concerning your security needs, and ask them for a referral. Most of these people are likely to have engaged one or more security camera installers in the past and thus, may have a few recommendations that can help you make an informed choice. Your insurance agent is also an ideal person to recommend trustworthy IP camera installers in your area.

Professional Certification: An ideal security provider should hold the necessary local and/or state licenses. You can find such information by looking at the list of members on your state’s burglar and fire alarm association or other relevant licensing bodies. Any installer that is certified by these bodies must agree to abide by their Code of Ethics.

Licensing: A current, valid state license is required for a security camera company to operate in your area. Therefore, you should ensure that your preferred installer is duly licensed.

Fine Print: Unscrupulous security camera installers include various hidden costs and undesirable terms in their contracts because they know that most customers do not bother to read the fine print.

Pricing: Asking for quotes from the different security providers is the only way for you to compare what each company has to offer. Trustworthy installers usually offer free quotes, which come with a breakdown of all the costs.

Customer Service: Choosing a security camera company is a sensitive decision since you will be entrusting the security of your home or business, as well as your personal safety in their hands. For this reason, you need to ensure that the security provider you select is up to the task of making you feel secure. Excellent customer service is one of the ways of judging if an installer is capable of the task.


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Deploying a security system is not a guarantee that your business is protected. Criminals are getting smarter by the day and thus, are able to find loopholes in your security system. Therefore, it is important to consult an experienced security systems provider such as I-Tech Security to help you design foolproof Business Security Systems that are tailor-made to fit your needs and budget.

The Elements of An Ideal Business Security Systemdescribe the image

1. Reliable Power Source

Your business security system requires a reliable and secure source of power in order to be effective. A power source that is easily accessible can be dismantled by criminals and in effect, deactivate the security system. As such, many security systems are designed to allow the power source control panel to be secured within a server closet. Securing the power and access panels ensures that only a limited number of people are able to access and arm/disarm the security system.

On the other hand, an unstable power source leads to major security lapses since the security system will keep going on and off. In addition, constant power fluctuations may lead to the security system malfunctioning. For this reason, the best Business Security Systems are equipped with backup batteries, which enable the system to keep operating even when the mains power goes off due to power outages or when cut by criminals.

2. Threat Detection

The best Business Security Systems come with sufficient mechanisms to detect a wide range of security breaches. Usually, the systems consist of different kinds of sensors including motion-activated sensors, vibration sensors, magnetic contacts, acoustic receivers, and smoke/fire detectors, etc.

3. Response Mechanism

An effective business security system should offer an appropriate response mechanism that either alerts you of the imminent/on-going breach or triggers a preventive mechanism to eliminate the threat. For instance, you should opt for a monitored business alarm system that warns you and/or the emergency response center of the impending danger, who can then alert law enforcement. At the same time, you want a system that responds by letting the proverbial hell to break loose – including strobe lights, and exterior or interior sirens.


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"We recently commissioned I-tech Security to design and install retina scan access control though out our facility, Garden State Dispensary - A New Jersey's Department of Health licensed alternative treatment centers, specializing in cultivating and dispensing medical cannabis. Given the nature of our high security facility we are extremely pleased with the design and installation of this state of the art technology. I-tech integrated this tech seamlessly into our operation, their installers went above and beyond during the install and the after sales support has been stellar, Pricing was the best quote we received as well, Garden State Dispensary gives I-tech an A+ and we highly recommend them"
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