Edge recording is a relatively new technology, which allows users to deploy surveillance architecture that are significantly different  from the centralized storage solutions. Edge recording IP camera systems can store captured video onto onboard media such as SD cards or other plugged in devices at the edge of the video surveillance system. This is in contrast to the traditional central storage architecture, whereby, the security cameras have to send the recorded video to centralized video servers for storage.

The Advantages of Centralized Video Recording SystemsEdge Recording IP Camera – NYC And L.I. Installations

  • Scalability: When deploying video surveillance applications with central storage servers, users have a freehand to scale or expand their video storage capacity to suit their requirements and budget.
  • Customization: Centralized video storage systems allow users to tailor their surveillance applications to match the performance of their surveillance system.
  • Redundancy: The central video recording systems can work with storage redundancy systems to ensure that video is not lost if the main recording system malfunctions.

The Disadvantages of Centralized Video Recording Systems

  • Dropped Connections: If the connection to the security cameras is lost, it won’t be possible to transfer the recorded video to the central video storage servers
  • Storage Server Malfunction: If the central storage server goes down as a result of a hardware/system failure or if the server is taken down for maintenance, video storage is interrupted .

The Significance of Edge Recording IP Camera Systems

Edge recording has in the past few years gained some footing in surveillance applications. The reason for this development is the gradual increase in storage capacities, favorable price points and higher level of reliability that has been occasioned by the maturity of onboard storage technologies such as flash memory. As such, most security camera manufacturers have started incorporating onboard storage on their cameras. Edge recording IP camera systems have three main advantages, namely:

  • Flexibility: Onboard storage enables users to design more flexible surveillance applications.
  • Low Bandwidth Usage: Edge recording lifts the burden of having individual cameras send continuous streams of data to the central storage servers. As such, very little bandwidth is required.
  • Mobile Surveillance Applications: Recording at the Edge makes it possible to deploy surveillance cameras on moving vehicles.
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Finding the best reviewed commercial security systems enables businesses to protect their assets, and safeguard the lives of employees as well as visitors to their facility. Security system reviews come in many forms and can be found in a variety of mediums including newspapers, magazines, and online.
Find Best Reviewed Commercial Security Systems – NYC And L.I Installations
The different types of commercial security systems reviews

  • Peer Reviews: These reviews are written by fellow business owners, who may be eager to share their experiences regarding the various commercial security companies and systems available in the market. The aim of such reviewers is usually to provide valuable information that might assist other consumers to make informed choices. A reviewer may either recommend or warn consumers about a particular security provider and/or security system based on their experiences. As such, peer reviews are quite trustworthy and provide users with unbiased advice to enable them select the best reviewed commercial security systems.
  • Expert Reviews: Security experts sometimes take it upon themselves to review the various security systems being offered in the market, with a view to providing consumers with useful information that can assist in making the right purchase decisions. Unlike peer reviewers, expert reviewers have an in-depth understanding of commercial security systems and the technology behind them. Therefore, these specialists can compare the various systems using specific benchmarks and advise consumers on the best reviewed commercial security systems to deploy.

Peer reviews vs. Expert reviews – Which are the best?

In as much as peer reviews are honest and unbiased, they have some major shortcomings. For instance, a consumer may be misadvised by his/her security provider to invest in an outdated analog video surveillance system. If such a consumer doesn’t experience any major problems with the system, he/she is likely to write a favorable review recommending the analog cameras. However, this is ill-advised since investing in obsolete equipment such as analog security camera systems will require replacement within a short period. Besides, every business has its own unique security needs; a system that works for one consumer will not necessarily satisfy the specialized needs of another. As such, expert reviews are likely to offer more sound advice.


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Business security needs are highly specialized, as compared to residential security. As such, securing a commercial facility goes beyond installing fancy gadgets. It requires some common sense and detailed strategy to come up with a comprehensive security plan.

The Best Business Security AdviceBusiness Security Advice NYC

1.    Conduct A Security Audit: Businesses should hire a professional security consultant to conduct a security audit on their facility. The audit will enable them to identify weak spots that rogue employees and criminals could exploit in order to infiltrate the business.

2.    Secure All Valuables: Businesses should keep valuables such as money and important business documents locked up and out of sight of unauthorized persons. This is a good way to ensure such items are safe. The items could be stored in safe, strong room, vault or other protected area within the premises.

3.    Invest In A Good Security System: The different types of Business Security Systems enable businesses to protect their property and ensure the safety of their workers and customers. Some of the recommended systems include:

  • IP surveillance cameras:  Security cameras are a great deterrent for criminal activity. The cameras enable business owners to monitor all the activities within the facility.
  • Access Control System: These systems enable businesses to monitor and control the movement of people within the facility. As such, it is possible to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive areas.
  • Business Alarms: Alarm systems are essential in guarding against burglary and other threats such as smoke, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

4.    Hire The Right People: Rogue employees are more dangerous to a business than any external threat. These people work within the organization and thus, are aware of how the business operates, where valuables are stored, as well as the kind of security system that is in place. Therefore, businesses should take appropriate steps to ensure that they only hire trustworthy employees, including:

  • Carry out background checks on all new employees
  • Take time to verify both personal and previous employment information
  • Require prospective employees to provide references
  • Check for problems with gambling and poor credit
  • Check for criminal record

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