Business Security Systems are essential in enabling businesses deal with the wide variety of threats facing them. Businesses have highly specialized security needs, which depend on their size, type of commercial activities that they engage in, and their budgets. As such, they should hire an expert such as I-Tech Security to conduct a security audit to determine the threats they need to guard against, and design a solution that will suit those needs. 

Internal Threats

These are threats from within the business, involving employees and other personnel who are in a sense "part of the business". Business Security Systems including cameras and accessbest security systems control systems are ideal in monitoring and dealing with most of these threats.

  • Employee Theft - Businesses have to watch out for employees who steal the property and valuables that are placed under their care. 
  • Office Bullies - Bullies are everywhere - from elementary school, all the way to the workplace. This is a form of violence that businesses need to watch out for since it affects employee productivity.
  • Sexual Predators - Sexual harassment is rampant in many workplaces, even though most cases go unreported.
  • Disgruntled Employees - Such employees are very dangerous to businesses since they might be tempted to "punish" the business owners in a variety of ways. 
External Threats

  • Vandalism & Arson - Vandals and arsonists are usually out to destroy property. The motivation for their actions might range from mischief, to revenge and business rivalry. The best way to deal with such criminal activity is to deploy the best Business Security Systems available including alarm and surveillance camera systems.
  • Robbery - Robberies are usually very violent and may result not only in loss or destruction of property, but may also endanger the safety and lives of employees. Preventing robbery can be quite difficult. However, monitored alarm systems come in handy since they enable the business to send out security alerts when in distress.
  • Shoplifting - Shoplifting usually leads to heavy losses, especially for retail businesses. Installing security cameras can guard against this vice by deterring shoplifters and providing crucial evidence that can be used in investigations.
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Protecting your home is not an easy task even when you are around. Therefore, having to go away for a few days could be a nightmare for many homeowners. Below is a look at some simple tips that can help you to secure your property and valuables when away on vacation.

Tips for protecting my home

1.    Good Neighborliness

Good neighbors are a great deterrent to burglars. Your neighbor is likely to hear if someone tries to break into your home, or spot any suspicious people casing your house. As such, you should have a trusted neighbor watch over your home and have him/her inform you of any suspicious activity.

2.    Perimeter Checks

Sometimes, you may be in a hurry to leave such and in doing so, forget to lock a door orhome protection window. Unlocked doors and windows provide weak spots that criminals can use to gain easy access into your home. As such, it is important that you take time to conduct a perimeter sweep before leaving. Check that all entrances including doors, windows and gates are securely locked.

3.    House Keys

Many homeowners give out their spare keys to family members, friends and even neighbors. Anyone with keys has unlimited access to your home. As such, it is possible for such people to abuse the trust you bestow upon them, especially when you are away. For this reason, it is important to ensure that very few trusted people have a copy of your keys.

4.    Lighting

Installing adequate lighting is the other useful measure to ensure that your home is safe. Burglars usually lurk in the dark as they case their targets or wait to attack. Poor lighting makes it easier for them since they cannot be detected. On the other hand, interior lights give the impression that someone is at home. As such, installing light timers will ensure that your lights are switched on at preset intervals to help deter criminals.

5.    Home Security System

A comprehensive home security solution comprising of an alarm system and security cameras are essential in securing your home from a range of threats, including smoke and fire, and burglary.


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Surveillance cameras were traditionally used to protect military and other highly sensitive security installations, as well as large business and residential property. The prohibitive cost could not allow many individuals and small businesses to deploy these systems. However, this has changed in recent times owing to the drastic reduction in the cost of security cameras and equipment. In addition, improved technology has made these surveillance systems very user-friendly.

Why are security cameras essential?

Security camera system installations are an effective tool for fighting crime and preventing inappropriate behavior. Human beings act very differently when they know they are beingsecurity camera systems watched. As such, it is common to find people engage in mischief both at home and the workplace, simply because they know that nobody is watching. When cameras are installed, people are likely to be intimidated to behave appropriately. Surveillance cameras enable home and business owners to monitor and protect their property in real-time or record all the activity for later viewing.

The Range of security camera system applications

Surveillance camera system installations have evolved  to offer better and more customizable solutions. Security cameras come in different designs, styles and configurations, including domes, box cameras, PTZ cameras, IR cameras, analog cameras and IP security cameras among others. As such, every consumer can find a surveillance system that accommodates their needs and budgets. Some of the common security camera system applications include:

  • Home Security: Security cameras enable homeowners to keep an eye on their homes and family to ensure that they are protected. Surveillance cameras are an effective tool for deterring burglars and home invaders from targeting your home.  
  • Business Security: Businesses have more specialized security needs compared to residential applications owing to the broader threats and challenges that they face. These include incidences of shoplifting, employee theft, fraud, office bullying, sexual harassment, and various acts of mischief. Professional grade IP surveillance systems are highly configurable to enable businesses roll out effective commercial security applications. As such, businesses can use these systems to enhance security and safety within their facilities, and promote employee productivity.

For the best IP security camera system installations, call I-Tech Security!


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"We recently commissioned I-tech Security to design and install retina scan access control though out our facility, Garden State Dispensary - A New Jersey's Department of Health licensed alternative treatment centers, specializing in cultivating and dispensing medical cannabis. Given the nature of our high security facility we are extremely pleased with the design and installation of this state of the art technology. I-tech integrated this tech seamlessly into our operation, their installers went above and beyond during the install and the after sales support has been stellar, Pricing was the best quote we received as well, Garden State Dispensary gives I-tech an A+ and we highly recommend them"
- Brandon Gold - Cultivation & Production Manager

“I-Tech’s creative and top-notch efforts keep our project on-time and within budget. The final results were a success and their ongoing support and follow-up have been an added benefit.” 
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