Clients have a difficult time choosing the best home and business security services company, owing to the numerous service providers available. These companies offer a range of products and services, which might be unique, or differ in various aspects including price, hardware specifications, and design, among others.

Characteristics of the Best Security Camera Companies

1.    Offer Comprehensive Solutions

The main aim of home and business security service providers is to offer their clients the best security solutions that enable them to protect their property. Besides, with increased competition in the last few years, security companies cannot afford to offer mediocre products or solutions .

Security camera companies have embraced technology, in an effort to develop high-techBest Security Camera Companies Nassau County devices and sophisticated security systems for both residential and commercial applications. Some examples include intruder alarms, access control systems, and CCTV cameras. An ideal security company is able to implement these systems either, separately, or integrate them to create an all-encompassing security solution.

2.    Affordability of Security Products

In as much as homeowners and businesses would like to implement the best security solutions available, it is imperative that they be in a position to afford the security solution. Every client has his/her own budget, depending on how much he/she is willing to spend on a system. For this reason, an ideal security company should be able and willing to customize their solutions to make it possible for different clients to afford.

3.    Ease of Use / User-friendly Products

The need for home and business security solutions to incorporate the latest technology means that the products are likely to be sophisticated. However, the sophistication should only apply to preventing unauthorized or mischievous persons from bypassing the security. The security systems should be user-friendly to enable clients to operate them, without any technical assistance.

4.    High Quality & Durability of products

Security solutions are relatively expensive to implement. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the products offered by security camera companies are of high quality and are durable; not those that are likely to malfunction every few weeks or months. Reliable products protect clients from incurring high maintenance and replacements costs.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

"We recently commissioned I-tech Security to design and install retina scan access control though out our facility, Garden State Dispensary - A New Jersey's Department of Health licensed alternative treatment centers, specializing in cultivating and dispensing medical cannabis. Given the nature of our high security facility we are extremely pleased with the design and installation of this state of the art technology. I-tech integrated this tech seamlessly into our operation, their installers went above and beyond during the install and the after sales support has been stellar, Pricing was the best quote we received as well, Garden State Dispensary gives I-tech an A+ and we highly recommend them"
- Brandon Gold - Cultivation & Production Manager

“I-Tech’s creative and top-notch efforts keep our project on-time and within budget. The final results were a success and their ongoing support and follow-up have been an added benefit.” 
- Michael Stevens, SMP

“I have been doing business with I-Tech since they opened their doors. They've done work at my home and office and I have always been extremely satisfied. I trust them so much I even sent them over to my in-laws to do some work ;-) You can't go wrong with I-Tech, they stand by their work and always get the job done correctly.”
- Daniel Hunter


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