Home and business security camera systems need to be upgraded from time to time, in order to satisfy the increasing consumer demands. These demands are usually occasioned by evolving crime trends, an increase in human or vehicle traffic in and out of the home or facility, as well as the desire to increase the size of the area under surveillance.

How to Upgrade a Security Camera System

CCTV surveillance systems consist of three main components that can be upgraded, namely, the security cameras, the video recording system, and the CCTV network infrastructure.

1.    Upgrade Security Cameras

  • Upgrading from analog to IP security camerassecurity systems nyc
  • Installing additional cameras in the system
  • Replacing some or all of the cameras with more advanced security cameras. For instance, a user might decide to upgrade security cameras with higher resolution IP Cameras, or replace standard cameras with IR cameras.
2.    Video Storage System Upgrade
  • Upgrading from analog to IP video storage
Analog security camera systems use tape recorders and digital video recorder (DVRs) for video storage. Upgrading the surveillance system from analog to an IP based system will require the DVRs to be replaced with the more advanced network video recorders (NVRs).
  • Adding extra storage capacity

Any adjustments to the initial CCTV system installation including adding new cameras, changing the mode and quality of recording, or extending the video storage period will require the storage capacity to be upgraded. This can be achieved through various means, depending on the type of video recording system that is in place. 

3.    Network Infrastructure Upgrade

When making the switch from analog to IP surveillance systems, users have two main options pertaining to their network infrastructure, namely, to upgrade the analog network or to abandon it entirely in favor of IP network infrastructure. Upgrading the analog network involves using baluns to convert the analog cameras to enable them to work with IP devices. In addition, the ever-changing security demands may necessitate network upgrades in order to support additional cameras and CCTV equipment, as well as integration with other types of security systems.

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Every home has its own unique security challenges. As such, it is important for homeowners to understand the specific issues that they are likely to face, and find tailor-made solutions to help secure their homes. Below are some of the top home security tips.

1.    Come up with a home security plan

Many home owners make the mistake of going out to look for a home security system, without even knowing what they intend to achieve. Planning for a home security system enables Home Security Tipshomeowners to identify specific security challenges, needs, and circumstances that necessitate the purchase of a security system. All family members should take part in the planning.

2.    Conduct a home security audit

A security audit enables homeowners to identify the various weak points around the home that criminals could exploit, as well as other vulnerable areas. In the audit, one should consider the following factors:

  • The security concerns raised by family members
  • The crime rate in the area, as well as the common types of crime
  • The condition of all entry points including doors, windows and garage
  • The condition of locks on doors and windows
  • The Lighting conditions in and around the house, and neighborhood

3.    Integrated home security approach

The numerous security challenges that exist today are not likely to be addressed using one type of home security system. For total protection, homeowners have to invest in different systems including fire and burglar alarms, access control, surveillance cameras and many others. For this reason, it is advisable to come up with an integrated home security system that allows the various security devices to work together. In addition, the security system should support modern technological trends such as home automation, remote monitoring and control, as well as mobile and smartphone app compatibility and many others.

4.    Find an ideal home security company

The performance of any home security system will be determined by the quality of the products and services, as well as the workmanship. For this reason, homeowners must find a home security installation and monitoring company that is able to offer them the best in quality, services, and pricing.

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Every surveillance application is unique in the sense that, it is designed to meet the needs and budget of individual residential or commercial users. For this reason, users must take time to evaluate their surveillance needs to ensure that they get the right IP security cameras for the job. Below is a look at some of the different types of cameras.

1.    Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are the most common type of security cameras for both home and business surveillance applications, owing to their low cost, ease of installation, and tamper-proof design.IP security cameras long island The cameras are ideal for applications that require high resolution images at relatively short distances. In addition, some of cameras come with a "smoked" dome for added security since people are unable to tell where the camera is pointed. Users have a wide range of styles to choose from including:

  • Indoor domes
  • Outdoor domes
  • Infrared domes
  • PTZ controllable domes
  • Vandal-proof domes

2.    Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras are small in size, usually 2 to 3 inches, and cylindrical in shape. These cameras are ideal for surveillance applications covering a much longer distance than that covered by the Dome Cameras. The cameras offer high quality images, and can display images in both color and monochrome (black and white). As such, Bullet Cameras can function in both outdoor and indoor applications, as well as normal and low lighting environments.

3.    Infrared Cameras

Most IP security cameras can operate in normal lighting environments, due to the availability of constant lighting. However, specialized cameras are required for surveillance applications in poorly lit environments. Infrared Cameras are able to see in the dark, owing to the illuminators that are fitted to provide invisible light in low lighting conditions. These cameras can provide high resolution black and white images, even in zero lighting conditions.

4.    Pan Tilt Zoom Camera (PTZ)

PTZ cameras are fitted with motorized controls that can adjust the movement of the camera both horizontally (right and left) and vertically (up and down), as well as adjust the position of the lenses in order to zoom in on a subject. Using these IP security cameras, users can get clear images from all possible angles.  


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