Traditional, analog security cameras seem to be getting a short shrift these days with the wide-spread marketing of IP security cameras. However, there are major differences between the two types of equipment that can work for or against a user. So it's important to understand the differences, particularly in cost.

Side-by-side on a dollar bases, IP security cameras are going to cost 1.5 to 2 times what a consumer will pay for the same in analog camera format. They involve a newer technology, with more features and  thatSecurity Cameras NYC tends to make their price point higher. Furthermore, the cameras have an added on cost of licensing to actually use them and gain access to the Internet. That said, there are practical methods that can reduce the cost of IP Cameras and make them less expensive in use versus analog security cameras. One approach involves the wider coverage capability of an IP camera. Because it can observe a wider range, an IP camera can replace multiple analog cameras covering the same range of space. 

IP Cameras can offer up to 10 megapixels of resolution, which provides more detail and clarity compared to analog cameras. 

The downside to IP Cameras is that they tend to use a lot of bandwidth than analog cameras.  When installing an IP system, it's important to work with a company that can design a system to prevent your network from slowing down. A professional security camera company will be able to install an IP camera system that will not interfere with your existing network.   I-Tech Security has this expertise.

Analog cameras typically have fewer features than IP Cameras (such as digital zoom).  Also, analog signal is not encrypted, the quality can be less reliable over long distances, and typically max out around 700TVL of resolution on most recording devices.

IP security cameras installation cost (wiring) however will be about the same as an analog system. Many businesses will find that comprehensive use of IP Cameras will give them much clearer and thus more usable images than a standard analog camera system. A professional security camera company will be able to demonstate the two systems to you so you can see the different quality of the images before you make a decision to purchase. Make sure you have seen a demonstration of the system prior to the installation.  

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A surveillance camera system is an important element of security, both for residential use and commercial buildings. They help to ward off intruders, in addition to ensuring accountability and monitoring. However, for a surveillance system to function effectively, it needs to be 100 percent secure. There are a number of elements that can compromise the effectiveness and security of surveillance camera systems.

Unfortunately, unsecured camera systems can be hacked into and consequently, accessed bysurveillance camera system NY third parties. This poses a major risk, in that the information that they collect from the videos could be highly delicate; ranging from sensitive information that would facilitate industrial espionage, to security codes which would then be used to access the business or home. At I-Tech NY we install the most secure surveillance cameras in the industry. 

Ways We Boost the Security of Surveillance Systems

IP Address

One of the best ways of securing these systems is to install a camera system which has an IP address. An expert in the field of security systems would be able to help with the selection, because it has been found that even with IP, some camera systems are still more secure than others. In addition, IP camera systems ensure that any information transferred is encrypted and therefore requiring authentication. They also enable users to monitor the surveillance from anywhere in the world, which means that just because one is on vacation doesn't mean that their security system has to be compromised.

Log-ins and Passwords

Another essential element in securing one's surveillance camera system is the password. In order to optimize the protection of one's surveillance system from being illegally accessed, it is important to integrate a unique log-in and password. This ensures that the system can only be accessed by the home or business owner.

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Footage from security cameras has over the years, gained recognition from law enforcement agencies to the extent that it can be used as evidence in court.  Individuals and businesses install CCTV cameras for various reasons, including:

  • Surveillance: Cameras can be installed in strategic places to enable individuals and businesses to monitor in real time, the happenings in and around their homes or businesses. Examples include homes, warehouses, malls, reatail stores, supermarkets, factories, distribution centers and other business premises. Usually, surveillance cameras are installed in such a manner that they are conspicuous, to act as a deterrence.
  • Crime Deterrence: In this case, the cameras are installed in public places, especially crime hotspots, in order to detect and prevent criminalsecurity cameras ny activity. Since the aim of these cameras is to scare criminals, the positioning is usually very conspicuous. For this reason, the cameras may be installed in the same places, as those for surveillance, but with a different purpose.
The Use of Security Footage as Evidence

Anyone with a CCTV system installed has the responsibility to disclose any relevant footage from his/her security cameras that might help law enforcement agencies to apprehend criminals. Legislation allows for such disclosures, regardless of the purpose for installing the cameras.

Law enforcers are permitted to request for, or confiscate security footage from any individual or business, whose cameras might have recorded relevant events that may help with investigations. Such footage could also be presented as evidence in a court of law. However, certain requirements must be met, for any video or images captured on CCTV cameras to stand as evidence, namely;
  • The footage or images should be "watermarked" and time stamped.
  • The presentation and storage of the security footage should ensure that its integrity is not compromised.

Therefore, one must ensure that he/she selects a professional security camera system that among other things, "watermarks" and "time stamps" all footage. At the same time, the CCTV system should offer a secure medium, through which one can store and retrieve recorded footage; access should be restricted to authorized parties only.

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