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One of the considerations when designing your business security system is the ability to function both during the day and at night. It is very easy to deploy your surveillance system in environments with constant lighting. However, if the lighting conditions are poor or keep fluctuating, you will need to come up with measures to enable your cameras to record at all times.

How to get your security cameras to record at night

1.    Improve the lighting conditions

The regular security cameras are unable to record at night because of the poor lighting. Asbusiness security system such, improving the lighting conditions will enable these cameras to function just as they would during the day. The type of lighting to use with your business security system will depend on the specific application. For instance, you can install powerful LED lights or fluorescent tubes to light up the area under surveillance. For covert surveillance applications however, you should use Infrared illuminators to provide invisible lighting.

2.    True Day/Night Cameras

These security cameras are designed to operate in both normal and poor lighting conditions without requiring any additional lighting. The cameras are fitted with a mechanical infrared cut filter removable (ICR), which blocks out the Infrared wavelengths during the day. As such, only visible light is allowed to pass through, thus improving the image quality. At night, the IR cut filter is removed to allow the Infrared light to pass, thus enables the cameras to record in low light.

On the other hand, there are Digital Day/Night cameras which don't use the IR cut filter. Instead, they have an electronic adjustment mechanism that digitally switches between color and black and white modes to allow the cameras to record during the day and at night respectively.
3.    Infrared Cameras

These security cameras come with inbuilt infrared illuminators surrounding the lens. In normal lighting conditions, these IR LEDs are usually off. However, when night falls or poor lighting is detected, the IR LEDs light up and illuminate the area under coverage, thus enabling the security cameras to record.

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Locate Security System Installers Long Island

The Internet has become the preferred choice for consumers that are searching for the best home and business security system installers. Online search offers users a wide variety of benefits, compared to the traditional sources of information such as phone directories and newspaper ads. Below is a look at some of the pros and cons of locating installers online.

The Advantages of Using the Internet

Convenience: Searching online is a convenient way of finding security system servicebusiness security providers, as well as the wide range of security products and services. Consumers don't have to leave the comfort of their home or office to go looking for an installer. All that they require is a computer and Internet connection. What's more, the search process is quite simple - a user just needs to enter "security system installers Long Island" on his/her favorite search engine, and he/she will get a list of the installers operating in the area.

Save Time and Money: For many years, consumers had a difficult time finding ideal service providers. One had to spend a lot of time and money on telephone calls, or even visiting the various security system installers. The Internet solves this problem by allowing users to locate security installation companies easily, as well as the products and services that each of them offers.

Rich Database: The Internet is simply a platform that collates all manner of information into one huge database. As such, users can access the various websites, blogs, forums, and social media sites to enable them learn more about the service providers operating in their area.  In addition, they can use some of these resources to interact with both security installers and other consumers, in an effort to select the best installer.

The Disadvantages of Online Search

The ease and convenience of locating security system installers online makes most consumers lazy. Many people will simply do an online search and select the first name that comes up, without performing due diligence. For this reason, consumers are advised to take time to interrogate the suitability of the various installers that they find, look at their expertise, experience and performance record.


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Business Alarm System Pricing Long Island

The past few decades have seen the concept of the business alarm system evolve dramatically to offer organizations better security for their property. In particular, the technology used in the alarms has improved tremendously to offer a broad range of new features. Modern alarm systems have gone a notch higher to offer protection from the traditional threats of intrusion and burglary, as well as a new range of threats such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, flooding, freezing temperatures, and heat. As the technology matured, it became cheaper and available to more security system manufacturers, who in turn were able to use it to produce more affordable products.

How Much Does a Business Alarm System Cost?

There are numerous security alarm companies in the market offering a wide variety of alarmbusiness alarm system system brands, designs, and devices. As such, there is no standard price - each company offers competitive prices for their products and services. This is very beneficial to consumers since it enables them to find a system with the range of features that satisfies their needs as well as budget. A breakdown of the cost of installing an alarm system includes:

  • Installation Charge: This usually covers the cost of the alarm equipment including the keypads, motion sensors, door contacts, and glass sensors among others.
  • Monthly Fee: The introduction of monitored alarm systems lead to the evolution of home and business alarms from simple products to a service. Security companies came up with a monthly monitoring fee or annual service rate that is to be paid for the entire contract period. This covers the cost of monitoring and response. Most security alarm companies offer fixed 3 to 5-years contracts, though a few providers like I-Tech Security offer flexible contracts with month-to-month obligation.
  • Warranty: Security companies usually charge extra for their warranty.
  • Extra Features: The basic business alarm system provides protection against burglary and intrusion. However, modern alarm systems include more specialized features that enable users to monitor threats such as heat, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide levels, rising water and freezing temperatures. These additional features are charged extra.

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Long Island Edge Recording Companies

Edge recording has gained prominence in the last few years. However, it is not a new feature - it has been in existence for many years now, only that it has been ignored. Some of the major security camera manufacturers such as Axis Communications have been offering cameras with SD card slots for the longest time possible. Unfortunately, most security camera installers have in the past preferred centralized storage solutions and thus, failed to offer consumers any other option.

What are the benefits of Recording at the Edge?

Redundancy: Edge recording can be used to complement centralized VMS. The surveillanceedge recording cameras store their video locally when they cannot establish a connection to the central storage server.

Parallel Recording: Surveillance cameras can be configured to have both Edge storage and VMS record simultaneously. The parallel recording is ideal for sensitive applications that cannot afford to have any video data lost.

Low Bandwidth Requirements: Recording at the edge enables users to reduce the bandwidth load on their networks since the surveillance cameras don't need to stream or send the video to the central storage server.

How to find the best edge recording companies

Finding a security camera company to deploy home or business surveillance applications is not difficult, owing to the numerous service providers available in the market. The challenge however, is in finding a company that can competently rollout a surveillance system that integrates Edge recording. Some of the factors to consider include:

1.    Expertise and Experience

When searching for the best edge recording companies, users must consider the expertise and experience of the company's technical personnel. Some companies do not have qualified personnel and thus, rely on subcontractors to implement their installation projects. The downside to subcontracting is that it becomes difficult to hold an installer accountable, regarding the quality and performance of their job. 

2.    Partnerships

Edge recording companies require strategic partnerships with equipment manufacturers to enable them to provide the best services. Through such partnerships, installers receive specialized training in installation, maintenance and support of various systems.  

I-Tech Security has partnered with some of the largest and most reputable security camera manufacturers such as Axis Communications.


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Security System Reviews Long Island

The first step in finding an ideal security company is to conduct research. Consumers have a variety of options including phone directories, newspaper and magazine ads, and even word-of-mouth references. However, the Internet has over the years become one of the best tools for consumers searching for home and security systems, owing to its speed and convenience - users don't even have to leave the comfort of their homes or offices to find information. 

The Benefits of Online Security System Reviews

The internet offers a variety of channels through which users can conduct research, rangingsecurity system reviews from search engines, blogs, corporate websites, social networks and security system reviews among others. Below is a look at why many users prefer online review sites when conducting research.

1. Stay Informed

Online reviews offer an open forum where consumers can interact with security service providers and other experts in the industry. Users can discuss about the latest issues, threats, and challenges concerning their security. The sites allow consumers to air their views and share any concerns that they may have with other consumers and security experts. In so doing, users are able to get up-to-date information and solutions to help them evaluate and seal security loopholes in their homes and businesses.

2. Get References

Online forums are a great resource for consumers that are searching for the best home and business security companies within their locality. Conducting an online search for a security company is likely to yield a long list of service providers. Choosing the best company from this list might prove challenging, especially for first timers. However, one can get crucial information about the various firms operating in their home area by reading security system reviews. These sites contain a lot of biased and unbiased opinions, which users can sift through and make informed choices. Better yet, users can ask for references from other consumers and security experts.

3. Compare Security Systems

Security companies use online review forums as a platform to showcase their products and services. They find these forums to be an ideal platform to talk directly to their existing customers, as well as potential customers.


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