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Businesses implement various types of commercial security systems to protect their property against criminals, and safeguard the lives of their employees and visitors. However, every organization has its own unique security needs, depending on what activities they engage in, as well as how they operate. These needs keep changing from time to time. Therefore, businesses should tailor their systems to match the existing needs.

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When is the right time to upgrade?

Most businesses prefer to wait for their security systems to break down before they can consider upgrading. They do not see the need to fix or replace a system that is working perfectly for them. However, doing this exposes them to the ever-mutating security environment.

Criminals are getting smarter by the day, and in most cases more determined. On the other hand, business growth and the subsequent changes that occur such as an increased number of human traffic, expansion of the business premises, and an increase in value of the property and assets within the premises, poses unique challenges that have to be addressed. 

The Benefits of Upgrading Business Security Systems

Cost Savings: Gradual upgrading allows businesses to get rid of obsolete security systems such as the analog CCTV camera systems, without having to incur the total cost at once. In addition, having the latest security system ensures that the property, and assets, as well as human lives are secured to prevent losses and injury.

Addressing New Challenges:  Businesses should not have to wait for circumstances such as burglary to force them to overhaul their entire security system, or even abandon existing systems in favor of modern systems. Consulting a professional security company will ensure that new security challenges are addressed as they arise.

Total Peace of Mind: Upgrading to the latest commercial security systems ensures that businesses take into account the latest trends in crime and other threats that they may be exposed to, at any given time. As such, they don't have to worry about being caught off-guard.

I-Tech Security can help you design, implement, or upgrade to the latest Business Security Systems in the market. Call us on 516-609-5141!


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Security Camera Installers Long Island

The task of choosing the right surveillance system is made difficult by a variety of factors. Buyers have to navigate the complex web of CCTV brands, designs, and styles, and then select the cameras with the right combination of specs to fulfill their individual requirements. The average home or business client lacks the technical skills that would enable him/her to choose the right cameras. For this reason, they require assistance from professional security camera installers.

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Understanding CCTV Camera Lenses

Camera lenses play a crucial role in determining the suitability of security cameras for particular applications. Below are some of the common terms that are used with reference to lenses.

Focal Length

Focal length refers to the distance between the lens' center and its focus. This is usually denoted in millimeters (mm). The focal length is important in determining the level of magnification that a security camera can achieve. Therefore, users must determine the maximum distance that they would like their surveillance system to cover, to ensure that the camera lens they select is capable of seeing that far. The focal length has a direct effect on the camera's Field of View. Choosing a lens with a bigger focal point increases the distance that a camera can cover, but reduces the Field of View.

Field of View (FOV)

This refers to the width of the area under surveillance that a camera is able to cover. The focal length of a lens influences how wide the picture would be, with smaller focal lengths achieving wide-angle views.

Monofocal vs. Varifocal Lenses

Monofocal lenses have a fixed focal length and thus, can only focus on an object at that specific length. Varifocal lenses on the other hand, can be adjusted manually to different focal lengths to allow viewing of objects at various distances.

Zoom Lenses

Zoom lenses are very similar to varifocal lenses in that, the focal length can be adjusted to improve the definition of an object in focus. However, zoom lenses have an electronic mechanism that automatically adjusts the lens focus.

If you need help understanding the CCTV lenses to buy, talk to the leading security camera installers, I-Tech Security!


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How To Protect My Business Before I Travel

Protecting your business in your absence can be tough. Therefore, when going on vacation or even for a weekend getaway, you might feel uncomfortable leaving your business unprotected. Below is a look at some of the measures that you could take to ensure that your assets and valuables are secure before leaving.

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How do I protect my business before I travel?

1.    Delegate responsibilities

Going away exposes your business to various risks including:

  • Employee apathy - Employees are bound to lazy about or engage in mischief if they know you are not around. 
  • Leadership vacuum - Going away means that you won't be there to take charge of any emergencies that might arise.

For this reason, it is advisable to delegate some of your responsibilities to a trusted employee before leaving. By doing this, you will have someone in charge, to keep the other workers in check and ensure that the business operates smoothly until you come back. On the other hand, your workers will have someone to turn to for direction in the event of an emergency.

2.    Notify your security company

Let your security company know that you will be away for a few days. As such, the security company will be more vigilant.

3.    Video Surveillance System

Professional grade IP security camera systems come with powerful functionality such as remote viewing, which enables you to access your security footage at any time, and from any location. As such, you can use your smartphone or any Internet-enabled mobile device to monitor your business. One of the benefits of being able to access your surveillance footage remotely is that you can deter employee mischief, theft, and other inappropriate behavior.

4.    Integrate your POS with Security System

It is not easy to deal with fraud, even when you are around. However, your presence within the business premises enables you to deter fraudulent activities by monitoring your point-of-sale and employees. Before leaving, you should integrate your POS with your business security system to enable you detect and deter some of the common fraudulent practices. For instance, you can use your video surveillance system to monitor the activities at the POS.


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Commercial Security Systems Long Island

Commercial security systems are designed to address the various security challenges that businesses face on a day-to-day basis. However, these solutions have to be tailored to meet the specialized needs of each business. An important decision that businesses have to make when selecting a security system is whether to have a wired or wireless system. Many people would argue that wireless is the better option since it is less intrusive. However, wired systems offer more benefits.

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The Advantages of Wired Security Systems

Radio Interference: Wired systems use cabling to transmit signals and therefore, do not suffer from radio interference. As such, hard-wired systems are more secure, unlike the wireless systems, which are prone to jamming using radio frequency interference.

Maintenance Free: Wired systems are robust more reliable because all system components are powered through a centralized point. In addition, only one backup battery that is located in the master control panel is required. For this reason, the hard-wired systems can operate for extended periods without any maintenance. Wireless systems on the other hand, require a battery in each of the wireless transmitters and thus, need regular inspection and battery replacement.

Durability: The sensors used in wired systems are more durable because they are simple contact points. These sensors do not use electronic circuits that can malfunction or wear out, compared to the mini-transmitters that are used in wireless systems. 

Cost-Effectiveness: The initial cost of implementing wired security systems might be significantly higher than that of wireless systems, owing to the cabling and infrastructure that needs to be set up. However, the hard-wired system is more cost effective in the long run since it is durable, reliable, and requires minimal maintenance.

Self-Monitoring Capability: Wired systems are difficult to tamper with, due to their ability to self-monitor. For example, if a sensor is tampered with or a line is cut, the system sends an alert to the central monitoring station.

Integration: Wired security systems are easier to integrate, owing to the direct connection between components and the centralized power supply.

For more information on how you can benefit from hard-wired commercial security systems, talk to I-Tech Security!


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Tips For Home Protection Prior To Traveling

When planning to go away for a few days, you must ensure that you leave your home protected. You wouldn't want to come back and find your home broken into or valuables missing. Below is a look at some of the ways to ensure your home is secure before leaving. 

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Top tips for home protection

Good Neighborliness - Get a trusted neighbor to watch over your home in your absence. You can have him/her pass by from time to time to see if everything is in order. In addition, you can have your neighbor create the impression that your home is occupied by for instance, parking his/her car in your driveway, or collecting your mail and newspaper.

Reinforce Doors and Locks - Weak doors and locks are an invitation to burglars to target your home. The common burglar can pick a lock or kick in a door. Therefore, investing in sturdy locks and reinforcing your doors will prevent such incidences.

Install Light Timers - A timer will randomly switch lights on and off in the different rooms and make it look like you are home. This will deter any criminal casing your neighborhood from targeting your home.

Install Sufficient Lighting - Exterior lighting is very crucial in deterring and preventing break-ins and home invasions. The lights prevent criminals from hiding in the shadows or approaching your home without being noticed.

Hold Newspaper and Mail Deliveries - Newspapers and mail piling up on your porch is a sure sign that nobody is home. As such, you should contact the post office to hold your mail until you come back.

Install Video Surveillance System - IP surveillance systems enable you to access security footage remotely. As such, you can simply login at any time or location to check if all is well.

Signup for Alarm Monitoring - Home security companies offer reliable alarm monitoring services that will ensure your home is secure even in your absence. The alarm system will protect your home not only from criminals, but also wide ranging threats including smoke, fire and flooding.

For more tips for home protection, contact I-Tech Security!


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"We recently commissioned I-tech Security to design and install retina scan access control though out our facility, Garden State Dispensary - A New Jersey's Department of Health licensed alternative treatment centers, specializing in cultivating and dispensing medical cannabis. Given the nature of our high security facility we are extremely pleased with the design and installation of this state of the art technology. I-tech integrated this tech seamlessly into our operation, their installers went above and beyond during the install and the after sales support has been stellar, Pricing was the best quote we received as well, Garden State Dispensary gives I-tech an A+ and we highly recommend them"
- Brandon Gold - Cultivation & Production Manager

“I-Tech’s creative and top-notch efforts keep our project on-time and within budget. The final results were a success and their ongoing support and follow-up have been an added benefit.” 
- Michael Stevens, SMP

“I have been doing business with I-Tech since they opened their doors. They've done work at my home and office and I have always been extremely satisfied. I trust them so much I even sent them over to my in-laws to do some work ;-) You can't go wrong with I-Tech, they stand by their work and always get the job done correctly.”
- Daniel Hunter


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