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Commercial Business Security Systems

business-security-landing You’ve worked hard to build your business; don’t let anything jeopardize your success. According to statistics, businesses without Business Security Systems are more than four times as likely to be broken into than those that do, with retail stores being especially vulnerable.

With shoplifting and employee theft costing American businesses over $50 billion a year, loss prevention is more important than ever. Installation of these commercial security systems saves businesses money, not only in terms of loss prevention but in gained efficiencies and lower insurance premiums.

Whether you are in a small retail store, a large industrial building, or operate your business in multiple locations, I-Tech Security can create a business security system that fits your needs considering your day-to-day operations, specific objectives, outside regulations or requirements, and your budget.

I-Tech is your one stop solutions provider for commercial security systems. You partner with the best when you trust in us for all security concerns you may have regarding your company. We help you focus more on what needs to be done in your business because we provide peace of mind through innovative security products and services.

I-Tech provides services on Long Island and in the greater New York City area.

Some available Business Security Systems include:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV): Decrease incidences of armed robbery and employee theft, increase employee productivity by 15-20%, improve customer service by 20-25%, and save time and money remotely monitoring business locations with closed circuit television (CCTV). CCTV Systems offer versatility as well. Some units are small enough to be seamlessly integrated into strategic location points for maximum coverage and discreet monitoring. Store security cameras not only have the benefit of filming crimes on video but statistics show that just the presence of CCTV cameras can decrease incidences of crime by 16% or more. Perpetrators have been known to avoid "hitting" establishments that employ CCTV security systems for fear of being positively identified.

  • Honeywell Fire Systems: Be alerted of a fire instantly and have emergency services contacted immediately with a fully integrated fire detection system. Often, these systems can pinpoint the exact location of a fire, helping the fire to get put out quicker, decreasing inventory loss and secondary damage by sprinkler systems in unaffected areas. Seamless integration with an existing building monitoring system makes the system a highly effective firefighting tool.

    Using "way finding" technology, our Honeywell Fire Systems can track a fire's origin and its eventual migration within the structure. This critical information can be accessed by firefighters and can be used to help them quickly determine the safest and most efficient response strategy. The system uses an intuitive, touch screen graphical interface that maps out the affected areas as needed. These features considerably increase the chances of putting the fire under control within the shortest possible time and with minimal loss of life and property.

  • Access Control: Restrict and monitor access to certain areas of your business with an access control system. You can restrict access by employee, location, time of day, and more. Protecting inventory and other secure areas will allow you run your business more safely, effectively, and profitably. Click here to learn more about our available access control systems.

Business security system highlights:
• Decrease customer and employee theft
• Protect from fire and loss of property • Increase productivity and customer service
• Save time by monitoring multiple locations

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        What Our Clients Say About Us

        "We recently commissioned I-tech Security to design and install retina scan access control though out our facility, Garden State Dispensary - A New Jersey's Department of Health licensed alternative treatment centers, specializing in cultivating and dispensing medical cannabis. Given the nature of our high security facility we are extremely pleased with the design and installation of this state of the art technology. I-tech integrated this tech seamlessly into our operation, their installers went above and beyond during the install and the after sales support has been stellar, Pricing was the best quote we received as well, Garden State Dispensary gives I-tech an A+ and we highly recommend them"
        - Brandon Gold - Cultivation & Production Manager

        “I-Tech’s creative and top-notch efforts keep our project on-time and within budget. The final results were a success and their ongoing support and follow-up have been an added benefit.” 
        - Michael Stevens, SMP

        “I have been doing business with I-Tech since they opened their doors. They've done work at my home and office and I have always been extremely satisfied. I trust them so much I even sent them over to my in-laws to do some work ;-) You can't go wrong with I-Tech, they stand by their work and always get the job done correctly.”
        - Daniel Hunter


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