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About Ransomware Virus

The internet is full of people who are flooding homes and businesses with spoofed emails and fake downloads all of which are intended to do one thing: make money. Sadly, it is works all too well given that we have seen a 6000% rise in ransomware infections in 2016 alone generating nearly 1 billion dollars in revenue for these hackers. It typically arrives in your spam box disguised as a letter from your bank about an unauthorized transaction or from a shipping carrier to inform you that you have a package waiting to be picked up. There have even been targeted campaigns to spread ransomware through bad advertisements on the web. If you are unfortunate enough to get infected by one of these viruses you will soon find that your programs may stop working and that all of your files will have disappeared. Ransomware works by using military grade encryption to scramble your files making them unrecognizable. After the damage is done the user is normally prompted through a popup or a notice stating that the files are locked with instructions on how to unlock them.